In this article, we’ll walk through different challenges facing Nigerians in fully accepting Solar Energy and their solutions based on the idea that "SOLAR IS THE FUTURE"; stick with me. Before getting started with the challenges facing solar energy in Nigeria, lets define some basic terms in the alternative energy like " solar energy capacity"

With China and the United States of America being top countries on the capacity of installed solar pv, it’s a clear evidence that the famous prediction that solar energy will take over the world power generating system by 2050 is not a doubt.

In this article, we’ll walk through different challenges facing Nigerians in fully accepting Solar Energy and their solutions based on the idea that “SOLAR IS THE FUTURE”; stick with me.

Before getting started with the challenges facing solar energy in Nigeria, lets define some basic terms in the alternative energy like ” solar energy capacity”

In a layman words, solar energy capacity is the maximum generating capacity of installations that uses solar energy sources to generate electricity which of course is the conversion of sun light into useful energy for our homes and offices.


Well, this question has been asked by many Nigerians (even elites) who have in one-way or the other thought about installing solar energy in their homes or offices, but they are not really sure as to how installing solar can give them 24/7 constant light without a support from the grid (NEPA). The answer to this question is YES!

Installing solar energy can give you 24/7 constant light without support from the grid (NEPA). The reason for this question is basically due to the challenges facing energy                generation in Nigeria which we’ll discuss shortly.

INNOVATE ENERGY with her qualified and well-trained engineers in the field of solar energy can make your dream come through with just a phone call, contact us today and enjoy constant power supply at an affordable price with 1-year warranty on all products.


Due to government incentives which is attached to those who adapt solar in other developed countries, the process of installing solar might seem hard over there, but here in Nigeria, it’s a case of individual choice.

This categorically means that you can install solar in Nigeria without any paper work or local government approval. With already designed packages like those by Innovate Energy, these packages can be designed to suit your energy needs for your home or offices. Check out these affordable packages at and light up your home with constant power supply.

Please note that these packages can be modified to suit any capacity you want to install. INNOVATE ENERGY SOLAR WORLD IS HERE TO SERVE YOU BETTER. GIVE US A CALL TODAY


It’s a known fact that power supply is a major problem we have in this country and there is no hope as to when we can resolve this ethical problem which have left Nigerian citizens with no choice but to move their business and industry to a other countries where there is available and constant power supply.

Based on analysis by World Bank, Nigeria’s economic crisis is directly related to lack of power supply by 30%. Thus, there is no doubt that solar energy in Nigeria is the future of our economic boom.

Still on the question of why we need to install solar energy in Nigeria, considering the environment here. you will agree with me that most of our energy comes from fossil fuel consumption that has strong implications on the environment, from noise pollution to accumulation of carbon emissions adding to the depletion of the ozone layer.

Let’s not forget that the cost of maintaining a fuel generator in a year can’t be anywhere compared to the cost of installing solar, from analysis done, installing solar will save you thrice the amount we spend on fuel generator in three years.


As I stated earlier that I will enumerate the problems facing solar energy in Nigeria, we INNOVATE ENERGY NIG LTD, have been on the market for more than 10 years now and thus, out of experience we have noticed some challenges and reasons why some Nigerians who have the money to install solar energy have failed to do so. Here’s our thought on this subject;

  1. LACK OF KNOWLEDGE ABOUT SOLAR ENERGY: From our advertisements and surveys on the knowledge about solar energy in Nigeria, the result has proven that 53% of Nigerians from the age of 16-66 don’t have an ideal of what solar energy is and if it exist in Nigeria. The analysis showed that out of 47% of Nigerians who have knowledge about solar energy, some of them don’t know how it works. At INNOVATE ENERGY NIG LTD , we are on a campaign to increase awareness on how solar energy works and why Nigerians should install solar energy, you can also help to educate others about solar energy in Nigeria by clicking the social media link below, spread the news and let others share their own ideas on solar energy in Nigeria.

Yes, the cost of installing solar energy at first is high. It’s no doubt that this is also one            of  the main challenges facing solar energy in Nigeria. Its overly ridiculous to find that              the  cost of maintaining a fuel generator in one year can install solar of same capacity              which will save you thrice that amount in 3 years, which clearly is no joke. At                            INNOVATE   ENERGY NIG LTD, we have affordable plans borne out of love for clean              and free energy future so everyone can safely light up their homes and offices at the                cheapest possible rate, check our prepared packages and make a choice today.


Most people claim to be professional solar energy engineers today, but you’ve found that some deliver services way below standards with low quality products. This has been a canker worm trying to eat up the image and status of the solar energy industry in Nigeria. With INNOVATE ENERGY NIG LTD, you get highly qualified and experienced installers with over 8 years of experience in the field of solar energy, to handle every process ensuring you get 24/7 power supply you truly deserve.



It is one thing to deliver a job well done and another to respond in times of issues that warrant maintenance. This has been a challenge for some, with the fear that after service maintenance doesn’t work in Nigeria.


This of course is another major problem facing solar energy in Nigeria because the market is filled with different & low-quality products. This problem is not much of an issue because with INNOVATE ENERGY NIG LTD, you are sure to get Quality products sourced from the best and reliable sources available. Also, everything comes with a warranty of up to 2 years. We select the best product in the market to ensure you get the best quality and long-lasting power supply.



Despite the fact that solar energy in Nigeria has facing lots of problems, facts still remain that “THE FUTURE IS SOLAR”. Nigerians who are making effort to normalize their need for constant power supply should urgently look into solar and INNOVATE ENERGY NIG LTD is doing just that with the best and affordable prices for all solar products, installation and maintenance services. Enjoy constant power supply through INNOVATE ENERGY NIG LTD, solar energy in Nigeria has come to stay!

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