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Solar System Installation (Residential & Commercial)

Every business, home, and individual have unique energy needs, we deliver quality and reliable Solar system installation that beats expectation in life-span and value for money.

In a market where not all products are equal, getting a second opinion on products or services that are capital intensive will help to mitigate against unwarranted expenses. We provide expert support tailored to your next project and advice on products that will give the best performance, long life-span, and a value for your earned money.

Back-up System Installation

Sometimes having a backup system is the smart way to go. Why? Some business, product and even services require a little system that keeps every hard work from flushing down the drain, sometimes it just might save the day.

Backup solutions are affordable depending on your system need. We create backup systems for just the things that matter most to your business or home tailored to your energy need.

Sales of Energy Equipment

Quality Energy equipment suitable for your energy need. Here at Innovate Energy, we take advantage of the global market, advancement in technology, and our expert advice with deep market research to deliver energy products that are long-lasting and durable.

From Solar panels systems, batteries, and energy equipment we offer you the best product that will produce an optimal performance for your energy need.